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In the limelight of education in today’s fast-moving technology & relevant streams, a center which is completely dedicated to supporting & spreading their support to the young generation with their real-time expertise & transforming lives “Dhyanahita School of Professional Studies - DSPS “ is making that difference needed for the youth. In the fast & competitive world where learning has various forms, Dhyanahita has engaged the learning form in more of a practical approach of training where hands-on learning is the keyword. The management believes that hands-on training where ever applicable if used in training the young minds will not only, help the learner for fast & easy learning but also have a strong & long-lasting grip on their subject of excellence too. DSPS has shelved three major categories Technical, CRT & CSR.

Dhyanahita Mission

The aim & agenda of Dhyanahita is to achieve social well-being through individual well-being & individual well-being through inner well- being. The mission of DSPS is to touch lives through parting knowledge that would help every individual to step up in their lives making an impactful difference with the outcome of their learning from DSPS. DSPS mission is to part with a livelihood based training to all its trainees & students who they believe are the future makers & molders of the vision of DSPS by displaying their leaning at work & outcome of the inputs given.

Founder & Board Directors / Board of Members / Visionaries of DSPS

The visionary & Founder of this school of excellence Dr. N. Sailaja who comes with 33 years of experience as a senior most Government Management Officer, Author/Writer, Trainer & Motivational speaker for many decided to launch a single platform for the youth to learn & start a career for a better living. As a certified international trainer of Applied Color Brain Psychology to corporations and organizations newest course on Target Oriented Communication (TOC) has helped many managers create healthy, positive, pleasant and hence productive environment within the corporate world. She researched over two decades and developed “Life Technology” a simple and highly effective methodology to help many thousands individuals to transform their lives and to lead a happy healthy and productive life. She teaches her methods in India and abroad (Europe and USA) through workshops, television-programs and DVDs.

Along with her two more visionaries joined her travel who share like mind vision, with relevant experience & expertise. Dr. Subba Rao & Mr. Suresh who have empanelled themselves with this organization have contributed their life long experience & knowledge in establishing DSPS. They are contributing by promoting the organization by working on the key factor which gave a uplift to the learning center & its management.

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