Dhyanahitha is Promoted and Managed by "Dhyanahitha Educational Society". Dhyanahitha has been imparting education for more than a decade.

Dhyanahitha aims to impart quality education which is affordable with branches located in pristine 20 acres residential campus in Shabad Village and Pragathinagar.

Dhyanahitha CARVES:

We at DHYANAHITHA make our learners experts in developing real time work related content, it could be either skills on programming language or productivity tools for communication and collaboration. Our blended teaching style helps improve the Anagogical or pedagogical approach of the learners and boosts their delivery with respective to their Industry knowledge.

We also develop applications & content with respect to our client needs, utilizing the intensely trained professionals nurturing and making them aware of the updated competitive enterprise resources which adds to the curriculum.

Dhyanahitha SHARES:

We at DHYANAHITHA believe in sharing knowledge to our learners with real time and updated resources, consulting the Industrial experts.

Dhyanahitha initially has been founded by the Visionaries to help the common learners get access to the shared knowledge and expertise with affordable quantum. Now we are proud that DHYANAHITA not only was received acutely by a large number of learners but remarkably stood improving the Expertise of these learners to deliver best in their respective industry.

We're committed to making experiences that define the future of Education. Although there is plenty of ground to cover to accomplish our mission of knowledge sharing, the higher we push the standards for the betterment of society the better we change the learners to a professional human than a transformed machine.

Board Members

Dr. N Sailaja

Founder, Researcher and Trainer

The cause of all human problems is lack of energy. The modern life-style and pressure drain energy out of individuals which affects their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being reducing their performance.

After completion of her doctorate in Biological Sciences, Dr. N. Sailaja’s love for nature slowly turned in to love for human nature. Even with her busy life as a top government officer, she wrote several books, performed human development services, promoted Green Living and continued experimenting on the subject she loved the most. She worked and researched on the subject of human energy fields over two decades through yoga, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Cord Healing, Siddha science and Tao meditations and developed “Life Technology” a simple and highly effective methodology to help many thousands individuals to transform their lives and to lead a happy healthy and productive life.

Through certain techniques known to ancient India and propagated by Dr. Sailaja, energy can be accessed and conserved to minimize the problems and realize the individual’s true potential.

She teaches her methods in India and abroad (Europe, Asia and USA) through workshops, television-programs and DVDs. She is a regular speaker in Bhakti TV channel and TV 7 Health Planet on inner well being

Dr. N. Sailaja uses her 33 years experience as a top government officer, manager, trainer, motivator and speaker to help corporate-leaders implement highly effective Core-Energy Management Techniques (CEMT) to optimize productivity at personal, group and corporate levels.

She is a certified International Trainer of Applied Color Brain Psychology to corporations and organizations. Her newest course on Target Oriented Communication (TOC) has helped many managers create healthy, positive, pleasant and hence productive environment within the corporate.


DHYANAHITHA not only has a long history in Spiritual, Technical and Non-technical education but also into development and implementation of projects in various modules.


Initially, DHYANAHITHA was founded by the Visionary and Spiritual leaders Dr.N.Sailaja and Dr.G.Subba rao who believe strongly that a healthy mind and body entangled makes a perfect specimen - HUMAN. This made them plough the seeds of the non-profit organisation naming “DHYANA” and “HITAM”.

"Dhyana" is the 7th limb of yoga, building upon asana (physical posture), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (control of the senses, moving the focus to the inside), and dharana (concentration). The word DHYANA comes from the Sanskrit word dhyai, which means "to think of."

"HITAM" is meant and derived from sanskrit which means Benefits

DHYANAHITHA as a School:

As the Seed was laid as a foundation Dr.G.Subbarao and Dr.N.Sailaja pledged to establish an educational system affordable and adept. This led to the raise of DHYANAHITA SCHOOL for secondary education.

Raised a professional school with enrapture to the children.

DHYANAHITHA as a School of professional studies:

Additional support from the Executive team who were also ambitious and believed in societal responsibility took the organisation as pillars and developed education changes to the Higher standards as well. This change, enlarged the approach towards the learners to educate on ongoing and upcoming technologies like Python, Full-stack development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Cloud - GOOGLE/AWS. “Data” is the main source for these future studies and research, gradually improved by the Industrial experts in the Executive team started the Pedagogical and Anagogical approach to the diverse learners with an educational program “Productivity tools”, which makes any individual collaborate and organize data at any real time work. This made DHYANAHITHA on the list of top few affordable educators to teach any technical tools as per the Industry.

DHYANAHITHA as an IT Service:

Being the experts in various technologies, DHYANAHITHA also lured into developing and implementation of various projects which stepped a high as an IT Service provider to all the variety of Industrial requirements.